Adorable Days-Old Friesian Horse Filly Plays In Arena For The Very First Time

Mathilde is just 5 days old but the Friesian foal is ready to bounce and run around her family’s inside arena for the very first time. The filly follows her mom, Sjirkje.

She’s shy and uncertain at first, but once she sees her mom start running around she’s soon dashing ahead of her mom and racing around the arena. She adorably prances and plays “catch me if you can” with her mom. It’s such a tender, heartwarming moment to watch.

Even more enchanting for many viewers is Mathilde meeting the other horses in the stable. She’s so curious and happy to meet her horse family.

Viewers love watching Mathilde’s first outing with the video having received over two million views.

“Mathilde is one of my very favorite foals. She is so spunky and bouncy. I think she has springs in those long legs,” wrote one viewer. “I got a kick out of the curiosity of all the other horses in the stable as she passed by them.”

“Watching Matilda meeting the other horses was like watching a princess at work,” said another. “Pure poise, yet she made sure to acknowledge each one. And the other horses each bowing their heads to her, and running to make sure they got that final look, amazing.”

YouTube / Friesian Horses

“Funny, how little Matilda immediately recognizes the sandy arena as great footing for running as fast as she can,” commented another. “After the hesitancy over the wet concrete and the bricks, no hesitation at all as soon as she got inside, even though it’s the first time she’s seen and felt sand as well.”

Another person noted, “This is one of my absolute, all time, favorite videos. Mathilde is so adorable jumping and bouncing around and bucking. So cute!! And her mama seems bouncy and happy, playful, and just so sweet. They are just the cutest mommy-daughter pair!”

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