Friendless Senior Alpaca Meets the Cow of His Dreams

A senior alpaca had no friends until one day he met a cow. He is a 17-year-old alpaca, which is pretty old for an alpaca. Stevie had been living at a petting zoo and not getting along with the other animals so he was taken in by Happy Compromise Farm, a sanctuary for animals.

Sadly, “Grandpa Stevie” didn’t get along with the other alpacas because they had already bonded with each other and he was socially awkward, not having learned how to be an alpaca at the zoo. But his social life changed when he met a senior cow named Miriam.

The two old timers get along really well. It turns out that Stevie likes cows more than alpacas and happily hangs out with them, eating hay and enjoying their company!

We’re so glad Stevie found a friend and a herd to belong to.

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