Four Boys Save Skinny, Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cords

Four young heroes saved an abandoned dog’s life in Detroit and now that dog is getting a second chance thanks to their kindness! Kenny (13), Kenneth (11), Kevin (7), and Andrew (7) were helping a woman move when they found an abandoned dog tied up with bungee cords behind an empty house.

They noticed the dog was skinny and hungry so they decided to rescue her. One of the kids noticed her shivering and wrapped her in his coat to keep her warm.

They brought her home and fed her some bologne and water and did what they could to help her. The boys named the dog “Sparkle”.

While taking care of her, Detroit Pit Crew Rescue just happened to be in the neighborhood and saw the kids with the dog and approached them.

Theresa Sumpter, the rescuer’s founder, shared the story on Facebook: “Our heroes of the day! Young dog rescuers starting early. These sweet kids rescued this dog that has been left behind on bungee cords and kept her safe until we could come and get her.”


Photo credit: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue

After Detroit Pit Crew explained to the kids that they could get Sparkle to the vet and find her a home, the boys were very happy. One kid said rescuing the dog made him “feel great”.

“You could tell they really love this dog,” Sumpter told WDIV. “They really were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.”

Sumpter filmed a quick interview with the boys and thanked them for their efforts. It looks like they just might be part of the Pit Crew for future rescues too!

Sumpter added, “We did make sure that these youngsters receive some compensation for their efforts and for those who want to help the youth in Detroit please donate to Detroit public schools if you want to make a difference in the lives of the young ones in Detroit.”


Photo credit: Detroit Pit Crew Rescue

Although the rescue thought Sparkle had mange at first, she doesn’t. And other than being skinny, she’s in good health. From the photos and video Detroit Pit Crew Rescue shared, Sparkle looks like a friendly, affectionate dog and great with kids!

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