Husky Who Spent His Life On Chain Experiences His First ‘Freedom’ Run

Imagine being a young dog and never being let off the end of a chain. Biscuit is a Siberian Husky who along with 8 of his buddies was rescued by Amy Hines, a staff member with Dogs Deserve Better.

“Amy spotted Biscuit and his siblings, friends, co-canines, on a property in KY while visiting. Amy didn’t just drive by, she stopped and rescued one of the dogs that very day. She continued communicating with the owner until every single dog was rescued from that property, where they were chained 24/7 with no shelter,” writes the group.

Biscuit was brought to their Good Newz Rehab Center in Virginia. The rescue shelter is located on the property formerly owned by Michael Vick and is the exact spot where he ran an illegal dogfighting operation, the infamous “Bad Newz Kennels”. Now the place that had such a sad legacy has been transformed into one that gives dogs like Biscuit a fresh start.

In the video below, Biscuit gets to go on his first “freedom run”, exploring the large backyard field and getting to run to his heart’s content!

“We never get tired of watching this happen….Biscuit lived his entire life on the chain until last week,” Amy writes in the video’s caption. “This was his first ‘Freedom Run’ in the 6 acre field….He is STUNNING.”

Biscuit is absolutely gorgeous. The 2-year-old dog is “exceptionally smart and knows basic commands” and is looking for a home.

Take a look at this wonderful video of the handsome devil as he learns commands, grabs some toys from the counter and gives his rescuer some snuggles.

Such a sweet, energetic dog never deserved to be chained up. I’m so glad he’s able to run free! If you are interested in learning more about the adoptable dogs (like Biscuit) at Dogs Deserve Better, visit their website.

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