Fluffy Thief Caught ‘Red Handed’ Stealing Donated Toys From Police

When the Franklin Police Department held a toy drive for the Santa Foundation in Massachusetts the room quickly filled up with donations. But when they noticed two toys went missing they immediately tracked down the culprit by looking at their cameras.

The thief? Ben Franklin, the department’s therapy dog! Officers caught him red-handed making off with a doll and followed him down the hallway only to discover it wasn’t the first toy the naughty dog stole!

Benjamin may be on the naughty list now but the department has taken measures to keep temptation at bay – he’s now banned from the room. It’s also a lesson for the police officers that a room full of toys is just too tempting for a young Golden Retriever.

Benjamin Franklin with toy he stole

Franklin Police Department

As for the stolen toys, they are Benjamin’s now given he slobbered all over them and the toys were replaced by the department.

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