Firefighter Climbs Onto Melting Ice to Rescue Husky

After a Husky fell 20 feet down into a frozen filtration pond, firefighters came to the rescue. People heard Ivy the husky’s barks for help and immediately called firefighters who arrived a few minutes later. Lieutenant John Kriger climbed down a ladder and onto the ice to try and coax Ivy over with a sausage. But she hesitates because she’s scared and she obviously knows the edge of the ice is unstable.

Ivy finally grabs the sausage but spits it out again. But Lt. Kriger is so patient and his soft and gentle coaxing eventually does the trick.

Ivy is wagging and barking at her family above and eventually gets up the courage to approach the fireman. Finally, he can grab her collar and then gets a rope around her neck. After a few seconds he figures he has to carry her up the old fashioned way. Taking one step at a time, and with Ivy tucked under his arm, Lt. Kriger manages to climb the steep wall where Ivy’s dad is waiting for her!

Lt. Kriger makes it look easy but it’s anything but!

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