Feral Senior Chihuahua Afraid Of Being Touched Now Demands Cuddles

A toothless Chihuahua rescued from a trailer filled with trash and 40 other dogs was very afraid when he was rescued by the Houston Humane Society. Maddie, who works for the Houston Humane Society, first laid eyes on Toothless at the shelter. He was huddled with the other dogs and was fearful and confused not only from his surroundings but also by the attention people were giving him. To Maddie he seemed feral. But she is known at the shelter for loving crusty old dogs and Toothless was definitely that.

When she took him home he didn’t really want her touching him and would “gum her” with his toothless mouth. But she held him and she could tell the tiny dog sort of liked it. Maddie thinks that Toothless seemed to be telling her “I like this but am I supposed to?”

The very next day he was pawing at her legs because he wanted to be held. It’s just so heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Toothless now loves his new life. He gets the zoomies, he adores Maddie’s other dog Sunshine and loves playing with toys. It’s such a tremendous change from his life before but one he fully deserves.

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