Family Saves Baby Otter Swimming For His Life From Eagle

A family out sailing around the Ă…land Islands in Finland came to the rescue of an otter kit swimming for his life. The baby otter was screaming as he tried to escape an eagle out to catch him. He became separated from his family but the sailors stopped the attack and then waited for the otter’s mama to return. But she never did. That’s when the family reached out to Pernilla Pernie at Alands Wildlife Rescue.

The baby otter – now named Otis – was exhausted from his ordeal and he slept for the first 24 hours. Fortunately, a week later, Otis was up and active and eating a lot of salmon every day.

Otters are very social animals, so Otis needs lots of cuddles because his mama isn’t around. Pernilla writes, “He is the cuddliest little otter puppy and has a great and goofy personality.”

Otis, rescued sea otter

Otis the rescued sea otter / ViralHog

As cuddly as he is, the plan is for Otis to stay with his caregivers for around 6 months and then be returned to the wild. Pernilla writes, “His rehabilitation plan includes living at a wildlife sanctuary where he will learn to catch fish and we can monitor him to make sure he can return to the wild.”

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