Family Finds Their Lost German Shepherd ‘Barked (High Up) The Wrong Tree’

A California family searching for their lost dog, Luna, got a huge surprise when she was found 25 feet up a pine tree!

The 11-month-old German Shepherd had gone missing the previous day without a trace after playing outside with Brian Spies’ other two family dogs. He and friends launched a search party in the woods near his home to try and find Luna. During the search, something caught Luka Bogdanovich’s eye. “I’ll be darned, I see something in the tree…holy cow, that’s the dog,” Luka told news outlets about his thoughts upon seeing the dog so high up in the tree.

Spies, who works as a painter, brought his extension ladder to rescue Luna who didn’t make a peep through the whole rescue. But she did wag her tail.

Spies thinks Luna ran after a squirrel and then got her leg stuck in one of the branches. Thankfully, she got safely to the ground after her high up misadventure. Brian said he hopes Luna “learned her lesson” but joked that if she ever goes missing again he’ll have to add looking up to the search.

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