Family Finds Black Bear Hibernating Under Their Pool Deck

A Connecticut family recently discovered why their dog has been scared to go outside their home – they found a black bear hibernating under their deck!

Tyler Dashukewich shared a TikTok video of the large black bear sleepily dozing under the deck in a pile of leaves.

“My brother and his girlfriend were taking the dog out and she was acting a little bit nervous,” Tyler Dashukewich told CNN of how they made the discovery. “So we just peaked down under the deck and there was the bear there.”

Tyler shared the video on TikTok, where it has gotten over 15 million views:

@thetrendytransparent #bears #newengland #bearsinct ♬ original sound – Tyler Dashukewich

Vincent Dashukewich, Tyler’s brother, says the bear has been “super chill.”

“I’ve gone out to check on him a few times and he hasn’t really moved,” Vincent told ABC affiliate WTNH.

The family reached out to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for advice on what to do and were told to leave the bear alone until hibernation is over.

The family intend to do just that. But they were also told that if the bear causes any issue they can try blowing an air horn or flash bright lights to encourage the bear to leave. Or, they can call up DEEP and they could come and manage it.

As for the response on social media, Vincent told WTNH responses to his discovery have been divided so far. “Half the people are like oh my God that’s the scariest thing ever and then the other half are like oh my God can you pet it it looks so cuddly?”

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