Family Finds Stray Puppy in a Manger When Walking By Nativity Scene

Nadia Rosângela and her family were walking in their home town of Inhuma, Brazil in early December when they came across an unusual sight in the Nativity Scene set up in the city square. There, curled up in the manger, was a tiny puppy sleeping soundly!

Photo: Nadia Rosângela

Rosângela and her husband had taken their son to view the Nativity scene display that was in the midst of being completed. “When we went to see the nativity scene, we came across a puppy sleeping in the manger. An image very beautiful…” she told the Brazilian news channel [transl.]

“She was asleep the whole time. Other people arrived, took pictures, kept talking and [the puppy] was in a wonderful sleep.” The puppy did not open her eyes but continued to sleep despite the attention.

Rosângela was so moved by the tender scene that she took some photos herself and posted them to social media, asking for someone to help the stray puppy. She explained that seeing the puppy in the manger was emotional for her: “I imagined how Jesus Christ is present in so many things, in so many creatures, in so many beings. For me, that puppy was Jesus making himself present.”

Photo: Nadia Rosângela

Rosângela didn’t bring the puppy home herself as her family already has three dogs and 12 adopted cats! Thankfully, her plea for help received plenty of attention and several people showed up wanting to adopt the puppy.

As it turns out one of Rosângela’s friends found the puppy and brought her home. How the puppy ended up in the crib remains a mystery, but she was likely abandoned by someone in the city.

The puppy after her rescue. Photo: Nadia Rosângela

“I feel happy and at peace knowing she’s safe,” Rosângella later told the Dodo of the sweet puppy’s rescue. “I love animals very much, and wish the same for all of them.”

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