Parents Warn Of Dangers Of Button Batteries After Their Son Nearly Dies

When Emmett was one year old, his parents Karla and Michael weren’t sure if he was going to survive. Something terrible happened to him when he accidentally swallowed a button battery he found in a remote control. The seriousness of his situation came as a complete shock to his parents, who hadn’t realized that the small battery was so harmful. The battery had burned through Emmett’s esophagus, and he had to be put on a ventilator in order to breathe.

More than 3,500 people of all ages in the US swallow them each year and because of the harmful chemicals they contain, ingesting them is as dangerous as drinking drain cleaner!

After 8 months in pediatric ICU, hundreds of X-rays, and 60 plus surgeries Emmett is still here today and his parents are doing everything in their power to help spread the word about this terrible danger lurking in everyone’s home.

Recently, Karla shared just how many devices have them: Remote controls, toys, singing greeting cards, discount store toys, hearing aides, watches, key fobs, holiday ornaments, holiday jewelry, flash lights, t-light candles, thermometers, reflectors, sing along books, garage door openers, animal toys (which are just as dangerous for pets if ingested), digital scales, clocks, ceiling fan/light remotes, musical toothbrushes and much much more!

Please share Emmett’s story with families you know and make sure your home is child-proofed (and pet-proofed!) for button batteries!

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