900-Pound Elk Trapped In Frozen Pond Rescued By Firefighters

A 900-pound elk got in a whole lot of trouble after she fell into a frozen pond in Colorado. Thankfully, she had a team of firefighters to help rescue her and a group of onlookers to cheer her on, including her friend.

Evergreen Fire and Rescue responded to a call about the trapped elk after a neighbor called 911. Helene Hughes was among the people watching the elk get rescued. The rescue had a “few hiccups.” At first, the elk was reluctant to get close to the firefighters and kept swimming in circles away from them.

Firefighters chainsawed the ice to be able to get her closer to shore but it still took some effort to get her to trust them. Eventually, though, the large animal appears to understand what her rescuers want to do. They were able to grab hold of her legs and try and pull her out but she was still trying to get away! But at a certain point – exhausted and out of options – the elk seems to realize “okay, I’ll let you help me.”

Onlookers cheered as the group managed to finally pull the animal to safety. The Evergreen Fire and Rescue service said afterwards, “although the elk is cold, she seems okay.”

And Hughes’ video confirms that because it shows the elk reuniting with her friend who was watching the rescue close by.

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