Baby Elephant Rushes Into River To Save Man She Thinks Is In Trouble

Kham Lha the elephant and Darrick share a loving friendship. The young elephant and caretaker at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand look forward to seeing each other every day and it’s obvious that Kham Lha loves her human friend.

Recently, when Darrick was swimming in the river at the sanctuary, Kham Lha thought her friend was in danger so she rushed into the river to save him. The sweet moment was caught on video. Just watch how Kham Lha protects him when she reaches to him – now that’s love!

“This is can show us that, when we treat animal with love, they always [give] the love back to us,” the sanctuary writes.

Elephant Nature Park is an charitable elephant sanctuary in Northern Thailand. They work to protect elephants and rescue elephants from across the country.

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