Dumped Senior Dog Cries In Distress But Is Comforted By His New Pittie Brother

A senior dog dumped at the shelter has a second chance at happiness and he’s embracing it!

Poor Link was left at the shelter when he was 16 years old. The little dog’s skin was in terrible shape and he made the most heartbreaking cries.

Carly saw a photo of Link at the shelter and right away knew she wanted to help. She didn’t know why Link was left but she figures it was because his family couldn’t take care of his health problems.

The most excited family member to see Link was her Pit Bull Toad. Toad right away wanted to take care of Link. He brought Link his toys and was very concerned every time Link whined, which he did a lot in the beginning because his fur was so itchy and sore.

That was 2 years ago! Link is now 18 years old and he has all his fur grown back. He’s very demanding but very sociable. Every time he goes out he wants to sniff every person. He also adores his brother Link. Carly says she feels lucky that she got him. She just adores her “cute old man” and is so grateful that she can take care of Link in his final years.

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