Talented Drywaller Turns Plain Walls Into Works Of Art

When I think of drywalling, I think of the skill that goes in to making it smooth, even and precise. I don’t think of it as an artistic medium. But after seeing what Bernie Mitchell does with drywall, I have changed my mind.

Bernie takes basic drywall materials and some simple tools (including a spoon) and creates beautiful three-dimensional reliefs of nature and animals!

In the video below Bernie shows how he goes about mudding the wall and building up the shapes to make his sculptures emerge from the walls. In this relief piece he sculpts a wolf and her cub.

And here are a few photographs of his other creations so that you get a sense of their scale.

Here’s a close-up of the bird.

And another work depicting some beautiful herons.

I’ve never thought of decorating a home like this before, but Bernie’s works are truly unique. Share Bernie’s drywall art sculpture with your family and friends!

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