Man Shares Important Tip For Ensuring Your Dryer’s Lint Filter Is Clean

I’ve always thought my dryer’s lint filter was clean if I removed the lint and could see through it. But it turns out that if you use any kind of fabric softener, being able to see through the filter doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean.

Whitney Crooks shared this video that her son-in-law, Cameron, made to demonstrate an important maintenance tip for your lint filter. He explains that fabric softener can actually clog your lint filter, which in turn can hinder your dryer’s function and you run the risk of popping the fuse in your dryer’s heat regulator.

To ensure it is clean you should not only be able to see through the filter, you should be able to see water pour through it too. If water doesn’t flow through the filter, you need to scrub it clean to restore the air flow. Cameron suggests scrubbing the filter clean once a month and provides more helpful advice in the viral video below!

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