Drone Captures Thousands Of Stingrays Migrating Off The Coast Of Florida

The oceans hold many marvels that are not visible to the average person, but thanks to drone technology, we can now see sights that we would not normally see, such as this one of migrating stingrays.

Off the coast of Florida at Marco Island, thousands of cow nose stingrays converged on September 20, 2018, swimming by the Marco Island Bridge. In the video below, the drone zooms in and out of the school so you get a unique birds-eye view of the gathering and it is truly spectacular!

Cow nose rays are known for their annual migrations that cover long distances. The population in the Gulf of Mexico see upwards of 10,000 stingrays gather and migrate from Florida to the Yucatan in Mexico. Although the sting rays have poisonous stingers like other rays, they are shy and not aggressive, even in large groups.

Watch part of this marvel of Mother Nature in the video below and share it with your friends.

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