Donkey Absolutely Thrilled To Get Giant Screaming Chicken Toy

A nine-year-old donkey loves to play, especially with screaming chickens. To demonstrate, his mom, who lives in Greenwood, Arkansas, shared an adorable video of him getting a new giant screaming chicken toy.

Mom explains that she received two of the toys as gifts and couldn’t wait until morning to give it to her donkey. She says it’s the biggest screaming chicken she’s ever seen and it “screams forever” which delights the donkey as soon as he hears it. And when he gets given the toy…it makes his day!

Mom says of the donkey, “He is crazy about jolly balls and squeaky and screaming chickens!” Watching him dancing in circles, rearing on his hind legs and making the chicken squeak, there’s no doubt that he loves the toy. Even before he gets the gift he appears to be saying “Oh thank you mom!”

This donkey reminds us of Kruzah the horse who also loves playing with squeaky chickens. And then there’s the dog who loves mimicking the chicken squeak.

There’s definitely something about the squeaky toy that makes it a favorite among animals.

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