Dogs Proudly Bring Over The Tiniest Stick Ever To Play Fetch With

Two Labrador Retrievers showed off their silly side when they proudly bring a stick they found over to Kasey Miller.

In the video clip, it appears the two Labradors are happily wagging their tails in anticipation of playing a game of fetch. But first they need to find a stick they can play with. They do just that, but it isn’t just any old stick, as you will see in the now viral video!

Here’s the original TikTok video:


Smoll stick 🥺 ##dog ##GetYourJeansOn ##HPRadicalReuse ##dogsofttiktok

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

The hilariously small stick turned this cute video into an internet sensation!

Miller later posted up a Q&A video follow up and revealed that even though she has four dogs of her own, these two funny labs are not hers. They are two dogs who her sister used to pet sit a few years go.

Regardless, we’re thankful she captured this moment of canine comedy gold to share with us!


Smoll stick follow up ##MakingTheCut ##GetYourJeansOn ##HPRadicalReuse ##SummerMashup ##dogsofttiktok

♬ original sound – Kasey Miller

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