Dogs Photographed In Breathtaking Northern Landscapes And The Portraits Are Stunning

For her most recent project, canine photographer Alicja Zmysłowska traveled to remote northern locations to photograph dogs among the stunning landscapes.

Entitled “Craving Miracles”, the series was created over three years. The young Polish photographer visited Iceland, Norway, and Alaska with her own dog, Ciri, and other dogs, to capture them among icy beaches, beautiful waterfalls and incredible canyons.

They reached many of the remote locations by small plane. We think you’ll agree she found some very special locations to take her photographs, which she shared with

“For a photo shooting in this special location, I decided to choose Siberian Husky – their coat is thick, it keeps them warm and isolates them from the cold. This adorable girl’s name is Mira.”

“Some locations had to be reached by… a plane. We took dog models in a small plane to the glacier lake.”

“Shadow, a Siberian Husky – 13 years old amazing soul that we took to the shooting by glacier at Lake George in Alaska on a small private plane.”

“Shadow ready to jump into the small plane after the shooting.”

One of Alicja’s regular models is her own dog, Ciri. “Ciri is a professional model, she is offering poses and spots for photos on her own. This shot that was her idea!”

“When she sees me with a camera she gets excited to find a right spot, pose, and get a reward,” says Alicja. “She will hide behind the trees, jump on rocks, go inside little caves and spaces between rocks and wait for me to get the shot she had in mind.”

“I photographed many individual dog models during my three weeks trip around Iceland.”

“Here is an Afghan Hound Tinni on a red rock formation. He fits perfectly in setting because of his size, color, and unusual appearance.”

While visiting Norway, Alicja and Ciri visited some popular destinations to take these stunning photographs.

“There were just some classic and famous locations to be checked from the list, like Preikestolen and Trolltunga.”

“Just 28 km of walk for this amazing view! Ciri’s curiosity was stronger than fear in this moment! But she was safe and on a leash.”

“I wanted to create emotional portraits of the dogs in places that are not so easy to access and are one of a kind.”

“Huge part of my project was shooting in various locations and different kind of environment that Iceland offers. Brave Nukvi, a mix of Border Collie and German Shepherd at Westfjords [in Iceland].”

“Soft souls – Samoyed named Ice on lava fields.”

“This image of a dog under water falling from 60 meters at famous Skogafoss perfectly shows the great power of water.”

“Almost surreal effect of my photos depends on many conditions, such as choosing a right place and a dog model.”

“Some shots of this project are from Poland. This photo is taken at Lower Silesian Area of Poland.”

“Early spring landscape of Poland seen from a train while travelling with Ciri.”

“Ciri is having fun while hiking long trails, sleeping in a tent, posing for photos and just enjoying adventurous dog life.” was granted permission to use these photos by Alicja Zmysłowska.

To see more of Alicja Zmysłowska’s stunning portraits, visit her on Facebook, and her website.

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