Dogs Follow Injured Man Into Ambulance And Hospital To Make Sure He Is Okay

When paramedics were called to save a man who had fallen and hurt his head on a street in Chimbote, Peru, they weren’t expecting to find him being tenderly watched over by his two dogs.

They quickly realized that the dogs refused to be parted from the wounded man’s side, so they decided it would be easier to bring them with him. After the man was carried into an ambulance, the dogs hopped inside the vehicle to accompany him on the ride.

A touching video of the event shows that that the dogs rode with him in the ambulance, intently watching over him.

They also were also allowed to accompany him into the hospital!

Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote shared photos of one of the dogs resting on the gurney next to his human as care workers look him over.

Seguridad Ciudadana Chimbote

Photos posted to Facebook later in the day by a hospital intern show the man in a wheelchair with his dogs still by his side.

“Example of loyalty,” Joha Morillas Zapata wrote. “The patients of the day.”

It seems that the man is on the mend, no doubt, in part thanks to the loving support of his faithful friends.

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