Dogs Adorably Play Hide-and-Seek With Each Other

A pet parent captured this precious moment of her two dogs playing a game of hide-and-seek with each other.

In the cute clip a Dachshund is hiding out of view of his canine friend. He’s tucked himself around the corner and out of sight while the other dog sniffs around the hallway and looks into the rooms to see if he can find him. T

he Dachshund stands quietly but can’t resist carefully peeking around the corner to see if his friend is coming. At one point mom even tries to get his attention, but the wiener dog looks over at mom as if to tell her “be quiet!” before resuming his game!

People love the video, with the clip quickly garnering nearly a million views.

One viewer observed, “One of them is bad at seeking and the other one is good at hiding. Absolutely loved this!”

“Beyond adorable,” wrote another dog guardian. “My dogs play but nothing this cute. The way he went back to hiding his face when the other dog started coming his way, there are no words for that.”

“Love how the lil wiener dog completely hides himself,” said another.

Some viewers thought the dogs behaved just like little kids and we agree. It’s just like a kid to peek to see how well the other kid is doing.

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