Dog With Malformed Legs Couldn’t Walk Or Make Friends Until Her Foster Mom Came Along

A dog named Lily was being given away and nobody wanted to help her. Her back legs were malformed and so she scooted around as best she could to get around. Lily’s condition affected her ability to make friends too as the other dogs didn’t engage with her because she couldn’t keep up or play.

Tracy was fostering for National Great Pyrenees Rescue when she saw Lily and decided to drive down to Tampa to get her.

Her husband was shocked when she brought Lily home and immediately asked her what was wrong with the dog’s legs?

At the vet Tracy learned that Lily had bilateral luxating patellas which basically meant her kneecaps were dislocated and couldn’t go into place. An orthopaedic surgeon drew up a plan and proposed two full knee reconstruction surgeries. It was the only option to help her.

Tracy fostered Lily through the first surgery and then the second with the recoveries taking over 10 months in total. Throughout the healing process, Tracy had to lift Lily up in a special harness. At 90 pounds, and then 120 pounds, it was a tremendous amount of work and Tracy was physically exhausted every night. But she was committed to helping Lily recover.

Throughout it, Lily kept a positive attitude. and wanted to be a normal dog and play outside. Lily began to get better at walking and now she can run and play and do all the things she couldn’t do. Tracy ended up adopting Lily and now Lily has many friends!

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