Dog Who Plunged 300 Feet Over Oregon Cliff Gets Dramatic Rescue

Coast Guard crews in Oregon came to the rescue of a German Shepherd dog after she fell more than 300 feet down from a cliff in Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Initially, the Cannon Beach Fire Department attempted to rappel down the cliffside with ropes to reach the dog named Dory, but they couldn’t reach her.

So they contacted USCG Pacific Northwest for assistance and an air rescue was soon underway. Deploying a helicopter, the five-person crew of the MH-60 Jayhawk determined the safest and most effective way to reach the injured dog was to send down a rescue swimmer.

The Coast Guard’s rescue of Dory was captured on video.

“The waves were starting to lap at her, and she was sitting and just waiting,” Lt. Jake Mullins, pilot of the helicopter told The Oregonian.

Clayton Maidow, the rescue swimmer, got to Dory and noted that she was injured so the team used a rescue basket to hoist her into the helicopter.

Dory was so relieved once she got into the helicopter that she “put her head down” in Maidow’s lap, do doubt relieved to be in safe hands. The crew noted that she was scared and cold but “very friendly and very docile.”

Dory was reunited with her owner in the parking lot of Ecola State Park. In the video, Dory’s owner can be seen giving a member of the rescue crew a big hug.

Miraculously, Dory’s owner contacted the Coast Guard to let them know that Dory had no broken bones and is expected to make a full recovery.

“I’ve been at this air station for nearly five years and have never seen anything like this,” Mullins said of the dog’s rescue. He added, “The fact that she was conscious and able to move under her own power was miraculous.”

Dory certainly is one very lucky pup!

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