Dog Sneaks Out Of House And Waits Outside Hospital For Days Until Her Owner Gets Better

Boncuk is one devoted dog. After spending nearly a week waiting outside the hospital where her dad was being treated, she’s thrilled to see him when he is released.

The faithful dog captured the world’s attention for her devotion to her family. When her owner Cemal Senturk went to hospital in Trabzon, Turkey, she followed the ambulance that transported him there.

Senturk’s daughter retrieved Boncuk after the hospital let the family know the dog had appeared outside their hospital. But every day Boncuk would sneak out of the house and find her way to the hospital, showing up every morning at 9 a.m. and waiting outside until nightfall and hoping to catch a glimpse of her dad.

“Even though the family [took] Boncuk back home she managed to escape every day to wait at the hospital gate,” Murat Ercan, the hospital’s international patient center director, told CNN. “Boncuk has behaved really sweet during the six days and has managed to capture the love and affection of the whole staff.”

Senturk also missed Boncuk a lot during his stay. He’s had her for nine years and the two are very fond of one another.

After six long days of waiting, Boncuk was finally reunited with Senturk and she couldn’t contain her excitement, jumping and wagging her tail furiously.

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