Dog Tries To Squeeze Her Giant Teddy Bear Into Car With Hilarious Results

When Hadley brings her passenger into the car she struggles to squeeze him in. That’s because her passenger is a giant stuffed teddy bear that’s bigger than she is! But the Bernese Mountain dog refuses to leave the plush toy behind, after all it’s a gift from grandma.

Hadley’s mom, Holly says that one day they walked outside and there on the driveway was a giant teddy bear just sitting there. Holly didn’t know who had brought it over but Hadley was instantly smitten and immediately ran over to grab it.

Holly wondered if Teddy was a gift from her grandmother who lives nearby. She said, “My grandmother, she’s absolutely obsessed with Hadley, so I kind of clued in, and I was like, what if my grandmother lugged this giant bear that’s probably the size of her across the farm to surprise Hadley?”

Holly turned out to be right. The big teddy bear quickly became one of Hadley’s favorite toys. She carries it around everywhere with her even into the car. The first time Hadley brought Teddy to the car Holly thought it would end in disaster!

Hadley persisted and got Teddy inside the car but there was hardly any room for her. Hadley loves stuffed toys and carries them around in her mouth like a puppy and has done so since she was a pup herself. She has quite a collection and right now has 15 stuffed animals around her bed. Whether she’s going out into the snow or on a walk, Hadley always wants to bring one of her stuffed toys with her.

Here’s a longer clip of Hadley when she first gets her Teddy. It’s so cute how she drops the toy she’s carrying and barrels over to the teddy bear – she instantly knew Teddy was for her!


she’s so cute it physically hurts

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