Dog Adorably Sulks When Teens Don’t Want To Swim With Him

Swimming in the pool is Buster the Labrador Retriever’s favorite thing to do. His family has only had the pool for 6 months but the dog has taken to the water like, well, a Labrador Retriever. So when some teenagers stopped by for a swim but didn’t want him to join them he got super sad.

TikTok user @Bustersworld4 shared a video of Buster whimpering and sulking because he couldn’t go for a swim. That is, until his best buddy Jaxon got home.

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Viewers of the cute video were so relieved that Buster actually got to play in the water with his bestie. @Terri said, “Thank God it was a happy ending. I couldn’t have made it through the night!”

Other viewers couldn’t understand the decision the teens made. Sapheryn wrote, “Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to swim with Buster?”

Buster’sworld replied, “I know he’s so sweet.”

Dog lover @Kirtsen hilariously wrote, “I would prioritize the dog over the teenagers.”

Buster’sworld responded, “They just graduated from high school so they won’t be living here much longer.”

Others agreed with @Bustersworld4’s declaration that the teenagers were no longer welcome in the pool. @Nicole commented, “Puppies in the pool or NO ONE IN THE POOL.”

“Did teenagers not get the memo this is Buster’s pool? Hope you told them mom,” asked one viewer.

“I did they are not allowed back,” said @Bustersworld4.

Another agreed, “Pool Rules: Buster MUST BE part of the swimmies! You’re the best mom.”

After watching a few videos of Buster in the pool a few things become clear. One, he loves to cannonball into the water. Two, he’s such a retriever and will bring all sorts of things into the pool to play with (eg stuffies, socks and even an oven mitt.)

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For those wondering why Buster wears pool shoes, @Bustersworld4 explained it’s because “The cement and pavers around our pool cut his toenails into the cuticles causing his feet to bleed.” And one viewer pointed out that it has the added bonus of preventing the humans in the pool from getting scratched.

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Buster is not the only one in the family who enjoys the pool. Mom does like to relax there too, but it seems she doesn’t get to enjoy a peaceful time in the pool (but that might be because of dad.)

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It sure is “the more the merrier” when it comes to pool time in Buster’s World!

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