Animal Care Officer Rushes To Save Dog Stuck To An Active Train Track

A dog stuck to an active railroad track and unable to free himself got lucky thanks to a Good Samaritan who spotted him.

Recently, staff at City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS) received an urgent 3-1-1 call about a dog tied to the train tracks. “Knowing there wasn’t a moment to waste; Officer Edwards arrived on the scene as quickly as possible and spotted the dog, now named Lucky, lying on the tracks,” SAACS wrote on a Facebook post.

From a distance it wasn’t clear if Lucky had just gotten caught in the train track or was left there intentionally. “As he approached, Officer Edwards noticed the leash tied to Lucky’s neck was secured to the tracks with a nail, tightening more and more as he pulled away.” SAACS added, “We’re not sure if Lucky’s leash caught the nail as he walked past or if someone secured him…”

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS)

What was clear to Officer Edwards was that Lucky was frightened and needed to be freed quickly because a train was coming.

“Lucky was very scared and certainly not ready to trust anyone. Thankfully, Officer Edwards secured Lucky using a humane catch pole, working slowly to gain the young Labrador’s trust. Hearing a train in the distance, Officer Edwards moved quickly and safely; helping Lucky off the tracks.”

And Lucky turned out to be very, very lucky because a train rushed past them just as they got to Officer Edwards’ vehicle. “Before they could make it back to the animal transport vehicle, a train zoomed past,” SAACS continued.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS)

They were gratefully relieved that Animal Care Officer Edwards was able to get Lucky to safety in time and for the Good Samaritan who reported Lucky’s dangerous predicament!

It didn’t take long for Lucky to give his rescuers a big smile.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS)

SAACS wrote, “After some time to settle down, Lucky seems to feel much more open to befriending people and needs a furever family!”

News travelled fast about Lucky and SAACS’s Facebook post was shared thousands of times. A week later, Mr. C, who had read Lucky’s post, instantly knew he wanted Lucky and scheduled a meet and greet.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS)

“As soon as I met him, I could tell he was exactly the kind of dog that would fit in with my family. He was so chill and unbothered,” Mr. C told SAACS, as shared on Facebook.

A few days later Lucky, who now goes as Duke, was relaxing on the bed and ready to settle down with his new family. Lucky’s story is truly a “miracle on the tracks” but thanks to kind strangers he’s got a second chance.

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS)

City of San Antonio Animal Care Services (SAACS) currently has 700+ pets under their care and overcrowding is putting many of the animals at risk of being humanely euthanized. If you are interested in adopting or fostering a shelter pet, please visit and visit here to make a donation.

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