Shelter Dog Who Spent Years Running In Circles Now Has The Perfect Home

For four years, this dog had been running in circles. When Jessica first saw a video of Boomer he was spinning in circles in his kennel at a shelter in Florida.

Jessica knew then that she had to help the homeless dog and guessed that he was a dog who needed an outlet for all of his energy. She thought she’d bring him back to California and figure it out and that’s exactly what happened. Boomer has gone from running in circles to running half marathons!

Jessica explains that Boomer is high energy and she is high energy so it worked out perfectly. He runs alongside her when she rides her bike and he runs with her training for her long runs. He’s often so excited he will grab his leash to tell her he wants to go outside.

He’s become the perfect pet companion and inspired Jessica to set up a rescue organization called Buoomer’s Buddies Rescue.

Jessica has rescued other animals too, like Winky the cat. When she first brought Winks home within 20 minutes he wanted to jump on her shoulders.

It’s a peculiar behaviour but Jessica figures it’s because the poor cat was attacked when outdoors and now wants to have a safe perch and to stick close to her to feel secure. But just like Boomer, Winky has found a home where he can be himself and know he’s loved.

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