Dog Sets World Record In Pulling The Most Socks Off

An Australian Shepherd named Daiquiri loves doing tricks. He’s got so many wonderful talents that he’s earned many records with the Guinness Book of World Records but his latest will “knock your socks off.” The 7-year-old dog set an unusual record this past week when he became the record holder for “Most socks removed by a dog in one minute.”

Daiquiri and his human Jennifer Fraser hail from Alberta, Canada. The duo have appeared on America’s Got Talent and have performed at dog shows across the globe including Crufts.

Jennifer says she learned how to train dogs from her grandmother and enjoys working with Daiquiri to come up with new tricks.

This especially comes in handy when trying to break the world record of most dog tricks performed in a minute. Their personal best? 75 tricks in 60 seconds!

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