Heroic Dog Saves Her Mom from Getting Hit By Speeding Car

Kimberley Bridges didn’t realize it at the time, but her dog saved her life.

While out for a walk with Orla, her boxer-Staffy mix, pulled on the leash very hard. So hard that she was yanked over to Orla. What Kimberly didn’t realize was a large car had jumped the sidewalk behind her and was speeding right at her!

When she saw a neighbor’s dash camera footage she was shocked.

The slowed-down footage shows Orla a few feet away from Kimberley on a driveway and Kimberley running after her dog. The car was going 70 miles per hour and was only millimeters away from Kimberly, according to the Daily Mail.

“It was a lot faster in real-time than what I expected,” Bridges told The Dodo. “We’re pretty lucky.”

dog saves owner from speeding car

Kimberley Bridges/Facebook

What happened next was a blur for her. She says the next thing she heard was a woman screaming. The 4×4 had hit a car, causing the car to spin onto the sidewalk. Fortunately the driver of that car was okay. The car involved in the incident was later found abandoned.

When Orla and Kimberley got home Kimberly noticed Orla were a little shaken up. And after seeing the video she understood why. Kimberley is all the more grateful for Orla, who is a recent addition to her family.

“We [always] loved her very much and knew she was very special,” Bridges said. “But I guess [now] I owe her my life, so she gets even more treats. Extra belly rubs, too.”

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