Heroic Dog Buries Her Puppies And Saves Them From Devastating Forest Fire

A mother dog desperate to save her newborn puppies from a forest fire raging through Valparaiso, Chile, buried her puppies in a deep hole to protect them from the flames and smoke. She then ran away and found shelter for herself. Miraculously, all 10 dogs were found alive and in good condition.


It was a rare piece of good news for people in the area. The huge fire, which started on Friday, March 2015 has burned for days. One person was killed and thousands were evacuated as the fire spread. The fire is believed to have started at an illegal landfill site.


Firefighters were putting out tires that had caught on fire, when someone told them that they had seen the dog dig a hole under the tires. They investigated and found 9 puppies around 2-weeks-old and after 45 minutes had freed and rescued all of them. They went on to rescue the mom who was hiding under a container.


The puppies were reunited with their mother, who has been named “La Negrita” and the homeless family is now being looked after by volunteers. Many residents in the area have already expressed interest in adopting the dogs.

Below is a longer video of the dramatic rescue. Note the video is in Spanish.

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