Dog Rescuer Completely Stunned When Meeting Tiny Stray Chow Chow

A sick mini chow chow found on the streets as a stray is going to have all the love and attention he needs to recover thanks to his rescuers.

Lee Asher was completely stunned meeting this mini chow chow after Tacoma Humane Society rescued the small dog and brought him to Asher.

It was love at first sight for Asher as he picks up the dog and gives him a big hug and tells him “you never have to worry again”. And the Chow Chow feels the love too, giving Lee a hug back and refusing to let go.

“Little Bear,” as the Tacoma animal shelter named him, is blind because of multiple eye issues and appears to have mange or some other skin condition. But despite his poor health, Little Bear is a friendly fellow.

“All his medical needs are being taken care of by our world class vets,” Asher shared. Asher says he’ll wait on introducing Little Bear to the rest of his rescue pack at the The Asher House after he is checked over by vets.

In the video, Asher also notes that Little Bear is “really smart” and navigates new environments well despite not being able to see. We know that Asher will deliver on his promise to take care of Little Bear and we can’t wait to see the Chow Chow flourish in his new home.

Pupdate: Day Two

Asher shared Little Bear’s trip to the groomers, the vet and meeting the pack!

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