Dog Rescued After Spending Week Floating On Couch In Flooded Home

A small dog named Soshe was reunited with her owner after a harrowing ordeal during Hurricane Florence.

The dog had managed to survive the floods by floating on a couch in the living room for nearly a week!

Soshe’s rescue began when the Humane Society of Missouri’s Disaster Response team responded to a call from Soshe’s owner via the Lender County Animal Control. They were told that Soshe was trapped inside a flooded house.

Rescue teams had made several attempts to locate the address, but the flood water was to the rooftops of all the houses in the neighborhood, making it impossible to identify the home.

On their third attempt, their boat broke down.

They didn’t let the mechanical failure deter them, however, and the team paddled over a half mile to the flooded neighborhood.

Fortunately, on their third attempt the water had receded from roof-level. Barely.

Humane Society of Missouri

As the team approached the house, they were amazed to hear a dog barking inside.

Humane Society of Missouri

The rescuers pried open a door in around 6 feet of water and then had to kick it in.

Humane Society of Missouri

Minutes later, Soshe was carried out of the home and given something to eat.

Humane Society of Missouri

Three hours later, she was dry and out of the floodwaters. Her owner wasn’t home at the time of the floods but knew Soshe was trapped inside. She couldn’t get to her home because of the disaster, but a friend was able to come and pick Soshe up.

Humane Society of Missouri

It’s truly amazing she’s alive.

For the rescuers, they were happy to be able to help another state in their time of need.

Watch Soshe’s rescue in the video below.

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