Dog Outsmarts Alpaca Who Escapes Pen And Chases After Her

When Lester “forgot to latch the gate right” he had to deal with a “prison break” that ended up with the farm animals all running loose and Annie the Alpaca chasing his dog!

For some reason Annie really doesn’t like Maggie the dog hanging out close to her, so Lester has to try and get Annie back in the pen, but this proves harder than it seems. Thank goodness Maggie has a pig to defend her and some smarts!

Can we talk about how the pig helped herd Annie away? And Lester shouting, “”RUN MAGGIE! RUUUUUUUUUUUUN!” Followed by a quick, “OK! MAGGIE IS SMART!” when he sees Maggie jump on the hay bails to safety.

Annie’s “prison riot” went viral with over 8 million views and people can’t get enough of the two. Lester foundedIma Survivor Sanctuary after Hurricane Harvey and is a safe haven for farm animals.

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