After 456 Days At Shelter, Dog Rushes To Meet Her New Family And Go Home For Christmas

After 456 days in the shelter Olive, a beautiful bulldog mix with captivating brown and blue eyes, will be home for Christmas. The bulldog was filmed rushing out of the shelter to meet her new family who were waiting to take her home.

The dog was with Lake Norman Humane shelter in Mooresville, North Carolina for two Thanksgiving holidays but thankfully not another Christmas. Shelter staff are beyond ecstatic that 5-year-old Olive has finally found a home because they have been puzzled as to why she wasn’t adopted sooner.

Lake Norman Humane / TikTok @lknhumane

Olive arrived at the shelter in September 2022 after she was surrendered to animal control with three of her puppies. The shelter wrote on their Facebook page, “Olive’s life before coming to us was not an easy one. She spent most of her days outside, chained up and alone. However, that is all about to change because Olive is ready to become an indoor dog and finally experience the warmth and love of a true forever home.”

But that wait would prove much longer than anyone expected. Halfway through her very long stay the shelter staff wrote, “She has been with us way too long and we have no idea why.”

“She can be a little shy at first, but once she warms up to you, she’s an absolute love bug,” the shelter shared. “Olive adores getting chin and side scratches, and she’s always up for a good cuddle session.”

But Olive kept being passed by. Four hundred days in and supporters of Olive rallied to help Olive. When Olive went for a “staycation” weekend with a foster family, her foster mom said of Olive that she is “a sweet, gentle soul and the best kept secret at the rescue!!!” The shelter knew that although she takes longer to warm up to strangers, once she’s decided you are kind she’s playful and friendly.

They shared adorable clips of Olive playing with toys at her foster home.

And playing outside with her pal Simon.

The staff continued to champion Olive noting that Olive’s long time in the shelter was making her shut down. “We know we’re gonna get the ‘why is she still here’ ‘what is her problem’ and we really couldn’t tell you. Olive presents as scared and nervous in her kennel, which make people pass her quickly. But once she’s in the yard she’s a completely different dog.” They asked potential adopters to give her a little extra time. “If you are interested in Olive, give her 20 minutes. Maybe even give her 30. And you will see how full of life she is. You will see that her kennel presence is not a representation of her as a dog.”

Then, finally, Olive’s lucky day arrived and just in time for Christmas. “We have waited 456 days to make this post…Olive will be home for Christmas,” the shelter wrote. They shared a video of a very happy Olive pulling her lead to get out of the shelter to meet her new family! In text layered over the video, they wrote, “Olive knew, and she didn’t hesitate. She knew her time had come and she ran to meet it.” She was definitely excited!

@lknhumane We are all crying happy tears! After 456 days, Olive has been adopted and will spend Christmas in a home! Happy tails Olive!❤️❤️ #dogsoftiktok #lakenormanhumane #adoptdontshop #shelterdog ♬ Home – Matthew Hall

According to animal-welfare manager Abby Richardson, Olive’s new family came in multiple times to give her a chance to bond with them. Richardson told Newsweek, “She was slow to warm up, but when the time came for her to go home, she was so excited to see her loving family. The staff and volunteers were so excited to see how much love and trust was shared between Olive and her new family.”

Lake Norman Humane / TikTok @lknhumane

Olive’s reaction is exactly what the shelter predicted when they wrote, “Olive is ready to leave her past behind and start a new life with a family who will cherish her forever.”

Happy Tails, Olive!

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