Woman Who Suffers From Seizures And Passes Out, Shows How Her Service Dog Helps Her

Colt is a service dog who has learned how to alert and respond to the seizures his human has. 23-year-old Janaye suffers from seizures due to a heart condition as well as pass out spells, known as syncope.

Colt alerts Janaye 15 minutes beforehand, giving her enough time to get in a safe place and lay down.

“We will get into pass out position (description and shown in video) He will then lick my hands when I pass out and listen to my breathing and heart beat to make sure nothing is wrong. When I start to come to he will do DPT (deep pressure therapy) and lick my face, this helps bring me back around much faster,” says Janaye.

The video below demonstrates this and shows what an important job and special bond service dogs have with their humans.

“I am able to live a semi normal life because of my service dog,” says Janaye. But she cautions, “Not all disabilities are visible. I shared this in hopes of bringing awareness to that, and also that service dog can be doing a life saving job that may not be apparent to someone on the outside and they should be left alone to do their life saving jobs, do not distract a service dog in anyway, no petting, talking to them or staring at them. The dog has a job to do.”

It’s a valuable reminder to everyone and also shows how service dogs help people like Janaye live a better life because of what they do!

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