Baby Couldn’t Tell His Parents About His Abusive Sitter, But His Dog Could

What this dog did to help his family is such an important lesson to pay attention to your pet if he or she starts behaving out of the ordinary!

Benjamin and Hope Jordan have their dog, Killian, to thank for alerting them that something might be wrong with the babysitter they hired to look after their baby boy, Finn.

The Jordans said they began to suspect something was wrong after Killian began growling and protecting Finn whenever the babysitter came by. “About 5 months into her being our babysitter, we started to notice our dog become very defensive of our son whenever she would come in the door,” Benjamin told WCSC Live 5 News in South Carolina. “He was very aggressive towards her and a few times we actually had to physically restrain our dog from going to her.”

The couple decided to leave an iPhone under the couch and recorded audio the next time the woman visited. What they heard made them go straight to police! Killian is truly a hero for helping save Finn from harm!

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