Dog Has Crush On Neighbor’s Pittie and Checks The Window Daily For Her

Hank the rescue dog has fallen for the girl next door. Every day he goes up to his window to check if his lady love, Penny the Pit Bull, is out and about. She lives next door and the moment he saw her he was instantly smitten.

He doesn’t know how to flirt well and is adorably awkward, according to his mom, Jennifer, but his big personality more than makes up for that. Everyone who meets him (including Penny) falls in love with him because he is such a sweetheart.

He wasn’t always so confident. When Jennier first saw Hank up for adoption he was being featured on TV by her local weatherman, She fell in love with the odd-looking dog.

She knew Hank has a sad past because he was scared of a lot of things and he would hide in the other room when she brought her broom out. But once he settled in and knew he was loved, his past fears faded away and he blossomed.

And Hank doesn’t just pine for Penny. He and Penny get to play together almost every day. So he’s not such a bad flirt after all.

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