German Shepherd Goes Completely Nuts To Only One Song

A German Shepherd named Oakley has one song that makes him “go nuts” according to his mom, Traci Burt. That song? Sean Paul’s hit tune ‘Temperature‘. Want proof? Traci shared a video showing Oakley in the living room. She plays a few songs beforehand and Oakley doesn’t have any reaction at all. “Nothing. Doesn’t care,” Traci says off camera about Oakley’s response. Then she plays ‘Temperature.’

Oakley’s ears immediately perk up and he turns his head to the speakers, then looks at his mom before jumping to his feet and whimpering. He then grabs his toy and leaps to the carpet where he jumps up and down like he’s dancing!

Oakley got one person’s attention – Sean Paul’s. The musician responded to the video on Instagram by posting three “Face With Tears of Joy” emojis. Traci replied, “OMG! Day has been made.”

But what we really want to know the answer to is Traci’s question, “Does anyone else’s dog have a song that makes them go nuts?”

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