Dog Saved From Hurricane Harvey Adopted By Family Only To Be Abandoned At Shelter

A rescue dog saved from Hurricane Harvey was adopted by a family only to be abandoned at a shelter. A Labrador mix named Katana had a long journey to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Center, in Arizona according to workers who traced her microchip to the Hurricane Harvey flood zone.

Katana was rescued off the streets as a puppy by Pups In Peril Animal Rescue in Texas. But during Hurricane Harvey, the shelter was overwhelmed and needed help. An East Valley charity trucking in much-needed supplies during the relief effort volunteered to take 12 dogs back with them and adopt them out.

They had thought Katana was in her forever home, but Brian Morris with “We Support Texas” learned she had been abandoned after he got calls from reporters. He said his heart dropped and it felt like a “kick to the gut”. He immediately drove down to get her out. Morris is going to drive her back home to Pups In Peril Animal Rescue, who will make sure she finds the right home this time.

As the news reporters say in the video, make sure you are ready to adopt a forever home from disaster areas – that way the pets will not go through any more trauma.

If you would like to adopt Katana or other animals affected by Hurricane Harvey, please contact Pups In Peril Animal Rescue or another animal rescue affected by the floods.

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