Dog Fakes Limp But Does The Funniest Thing When Dad Suggests He Can’t Go For A Walk

Dogs never fail to surprise and entertain us with their clever antics. This pup named Harry is a constant source of joy and laughter for his dad.

Harry has figured out a hilarious way to get sympathy and attention from his dad. The dog fakes an injured paw and limps around the house. That is until dad suggests maybe he’s not well enough to go for a walk…

Realizing he can’t go for a walk if he’s injured, Harry’s hurt leg miraculously heals itself! Then, when his dad asks, “Where’s the leash?” Harry runs over and fetches his own leash.

Harry’s antics so impressed viewers that the video has been viewed over 10 million times!

“You can feel how much joy this pup brings this gentleman,” said one viewer.

Another viewer related a similar story: “So cute how dogs do this! I had a friend whose dog would favor a leg because it loved the attention he got when he was injured – only problem is he kept forgetting which leg was supposed to hurt so it kept changing.”

“My husky used to ‘limp’ when we walked in a direction he didn’t want to go. And once we turned the other way, he would start trotting,” commented another.

One dog owner said their dog used to do a clever thing too. “I used to have a deaf Jack Russell that learned if he barked excitedly at the front door the other two dogs (one hard of hearing, one hearing) would drop their treats/chewies to check out what was going on and then he’d go around and collect all the treats. Smart little stinker!”

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