Shelter Dog Excitedly Watches On As Her New Mom Signs Adoption Papers

A dog at Walton County Animal Shelter knew something momentous was happening. Luna the dog is perched on a chair next to a woman sitting in another chair in the lobby of the shelter with a stack of papers…Luna’s adoption papers!

Yes, the woman next to Luna is Luna’s new mom! The shelter in Monroe, Florida shared that Luna “stood like this the whole time her new mom was filling out her adoption papers.”

Luna’s tail is wagging happily as she watches on. She seems to know that her new mom is taking her home and she is so excited!

@cbsnews Luna seemed very excited as her new owner signed her adoption papers ❤️ #dogsoftiktok ♬ Happy Days – Lux-Inspira

Commenters are in love with Luna’s reaction. One person commented that Luna seemed impatient and wrote, “Hurry mom, so we can go home.” Another viewer thought Luna must be waiting her turn to sign and imagined Luna saying, “We are in this together, where do I sign?!”

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