Dog Has The Cutest Reaction When Given Giant Version Of His Puppyhood Toy

A dog’s reaction to getting a giant version of his favorite toy is winning the hearts of millions of dog lovers. Five-year-old Chance the Golden Retriever really loves a tiny stuffed pickle toy with a Santa hat. The odd little toy became Chance’s favorite when he was a puppy and he noticed his cat brother, Hennessy, playing with it. Chance would try to gently steal the tiny Christmas pickle toy from the cat. A

“Chance has carried around this little Christmas pickle since he was a puppy,” Shannen explains. After Hennessy passed away last year, Chance inherited the toy.

Much to Shannen’s delight, she recently found that the pickle toys come in different sizes. After spotting a basket filled with larger versions of the plush pickle toy, Shannen knew that she had to buy one for Chance as an early holiday present. She captured his reaction and the adorable video quickly went viral, delighting millions of viewers.

@chancethepupper If someone finds a bigger pickle lmk @Petco #christmasdog #goldenretriever #dogtoys ♬ Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

As soon as Chance sees the bigger pickle toy he immediately knows it’s for him and grabs it to play with.

“The small pickle is safe from destruction but there are no promises on the big pickle,” Standiford told Newsweek. “Chance is known to enjoy destroying bigger stuffed animals after some time with them, but we’re hoping for a long and happy life for his big pickle since he seemed to love it so much.”

The big pickles were a big hit so she went and got spare big pickles for Chance just in case. What a spoiled pupper.

@chancethepupper Replying to @purple dog my life will be consumed by pickles until further notice #christmaspickle ♬ Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

Shannen, a dog trainer in San Diego, says the reason the tiny pickle toy has survived so long is because “he is so gentle with his baby pickle.” He even takes baby pickle to watch the sunset.

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But that wasn’t the end of the pickle toy extravaganza – Shannen found an even bigger Pickle toy. She found an XL version of the Holiday and Hanukkah Pickle! Chance snatches the XL pickle toy and immediately carries it to the couch to break the toy in!

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“Now he has one big happy pickle family,” Shannen writes in the caption of the video, with an image of Chance surrounded by all his differently-sized pickle toys.

But in case there is any doubt, baby pickle is still Chance’s favorite.

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