Dog Born With Unique Face Makes Her Adopted Family Laugh

At just 12 weeks old, Belle was living at a shelter waiting to be adopted. That’s where Lieschen O’Neill and her husband first saw the unusual-looking pup. Lieschen says they visited the Lawrence Humane Society on her husband’s birthday to adopt a dog and Belle really wanted to greet them. From the moment Belle put her face up against the kennel they knew they were going to take her home.

Belle’s unique look is because she was likely stuck in the birth canal when being born but despite her different appearance, her health is fine. Her family also says she is super smart.

She’s figured out how to use the door stopper to alert them when she wants to be let outside and she’s gotten a bit chubby because she knows how to get extra food from her human siblings.

Lieschen’s husband says Belle will never be a show dog, but she’s a winner in their eyes.

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