Dog Badly Hurt In Parking Lot Attack Reunites With His Dad After Three Years Missing

A dog severely hurt by a machete attack and found in a parking lot in Maui has not only recovered but has reunited with his family three long years after we went missing thanks to the Maui Humane Society.

“Tommy Boy was attacked by a machete in a parking lot in Paia. His bone-deep lacerations were across his forehead, across his back, and the tip of his tail,” Maui Humane Society wrote on Facebook. “If Tommy Boy didn’t receive the immediate help from first-responders, our Humane Enforcement Officers and our on-call emergency Veterinarians, Tommy Boy would have knocked on death’s door.”

The woman who attacked Tommy Boy was arrested and is facing animal cruelty charges.

Note: Tommy Boy was rescued and reunited with his family prior to the recent Lahaina fires.

Fortunately for Tommy Boy he got life-saving care and over the next two months a team of dedicated people made sure he healed. Soon it came time to find Tommy Boy a family but what his rescuers didn’t know was he had one already on the neighboring island of Honolulu. His dad hadn’t seen him in three years after he got lost.

Tommy Boy’s dad saw him on the news, recognized him and immediately got in touch with Maui Humane Society. They were able to set-up a flight and Tommy Boy was reunited with his dad. Tommy Boy was finally home and he and his dad embraced each other warmly when they saw each other.

Maui Humane Society could use as much support as it can get right now in the aftermath of the fires in Lahaina. There are many animals missing and injured. Please visit this post on Facebook page or to help support them.

A recent newscast outlines the challenges Maui Humane Society is currently facing with the disaster.

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