Dog Adorably Flips Out Every Time He Hears He Is Going to Visit The ‘Grandpawrents’

Every time Nosh the Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) discovers he’s going to visit his grandparents he isn’t one to hide his feelings. He’s obsessed and impatient and he has got a lot to say.

TikTokker @Sky.Q shared an adorable video of her and her boyfriend taking Nosh to see Savta and Boppa (grandma and grandpa). They decided to let Nosh in on the secret and to say he was excited would be an understatement. “After 20 hours in the car, we finally told him where we’re going,” they wrote.

Watch Nosh’s hilariously endearing reaction to learning he’s going to the “grandpawrents” below:

@sky.q The other video got a “sensitive content warning” because of the end… but why?? #repost #dogsofttiktok #dogs #australiancattledog #blueheeler #acd #heeler #cattledog ♬ original sound – Sky.Q

Nosh’s ears go back as he processes the information and as soon as he does, his entire demeanor changes – he perks up, he paces, he whines and howls. And when they mention Savta and Boppa again the whining gets louder! It’s as if Nosh is telling them to hurry up and drive faster.

dog excited to go to grandparents

TikTok @Sky.Q

As soon as they arrive, Nosh runs up the driveway and rolls (no dives) onto his back so he can get petted by Boppa. It’s a satisfying moment to see.

“Thank you for having the pay off at the end where he gets to papa,” commented one viewer. “10/10 for warm fuzzies.”

Just how much in heaven is Nosh in when at his grandpawrents? A follow up video shows him sitting on the couch lapping up all the attention. @Sky.Q wrote, “The Grandpawrents are his favorite.”

@sky.q Anyone else’s dog love grandma and grandpa more than anyone else? ❤️ #blueheeler #australiancattledog #acd #dog #heeler #cattledog ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

One viewer shared, “My dog 100 percent loves her grandpawrents more than me.” Sky.Q responded, “LOL. I feel that. Wouldn’t have it any other way though.”

Nosh enjoying a visit at the grandparents. TikTok @ Sky.Q

Nosh’s excitement in the car isn’t a one time thing either. He’s always excited. To say they are his favorite people is clearly an understatement.

After his reaction on the 20 hour drive, Sky.Q revealed, “Now I film him every time we go visit.”

Thankfully, the family all lives in the same city now, so no more 20 hour drives to go for visits.

@sky.q He’s still just as excited! #blueheeler #acd #cattledog #australiancattledog #heeler #bluey ♬ original sound – Sky.Q

Sky.Q starts on her residency and so Nosh gets to stay over at the grandparents more often. Can you guess how he feels about it?

@sky.q Always happy to see the grandpawrents!! #grandpawrents #blueheeler #australiancattledog #acd #heeler #cattledog ♬ original sound – Sky.Q

Sky.Q revealed that Nosh isn’t allowed on the bed at her house, but at the grandpawrents…well that’s a different story.

@sky.q He’s so spoiled at Safta and Boppa’s house! #cattledog #blueheeler #australiancattledog #heeler #acd ♬ notion – EX7STENCE™

That may just be one clue as to why Nosh loves the grandpawrents so much. He’s spoiled but he’s also really loved!

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