Group Of People Take A DNA Test And Are Shocked At What They Discover About Each Other

How would you feel about taking a journey based on your DNA? That’s what a group of 67 people from all kinds of backgrounds were asked, after they first shared what they believe to be their family history and their thoughts on their nationality and heritage.

Some are quite opinionated about who they are and who they like or don’t like. But as often is the case, the biases they express about their culture and other nationalities appear to come from their sense of identity, their politics and the belief system they were raised in.

But after taking a DNA test, many are shocked by what they discover. The results reveal that the world is perhaps a much smaller place than we all think. We don’t often think about how much we have in common with other nationalities, but our genetic history shows that many of us have a lot more in common with other ethnicities than we ever would have thought possible.

One woman in particular discovers a personal connection in the room she never would have dreamed of.

Watch and share this interesting and emotional experiment with your family and friends!

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