Homemade Fairy Lanterns Are Enchanting Decorations For Any Home

When I was little, I was told that fairies lived around us and although they were invisible, they would appear if they wanted to be seen. This fun craft project will make them visible any time you want to see them! Taking some glass jars and a few craft supplies you can make your own fairy lanterns. It’s a great project for a rainy day or with kids.

For this project you’ll need some laser-cut laser-cut fairy cutouts, a couple of glass jars, tissue paper, clear and white glue, some glitter and twine. You can add battery-powered tea-lights or led string lights as the light source. As you’ll see in the video, you can also decorate the jar with floral blooms, bows or any other decorations you can dream up.

The end result is really cute and is something you can have on display for any season or holiday.

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